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Free Final Demand Service

What is a Free Final Demand?

A Final Demand is a three-part form that warns your customer they have one last chance to pay your bill before it is placed with us for collection. You send the top copy to your customer. At the same time, mail the second copy to CCR. The third copy is for your records. There is no fee on any amount paid within the free demand time

Our Final Demand is unique in two ways. First, you choose the length of the demand notice. Most credit managers give their customers 10 days. Secondly, we will send you a supply of Free Final Demands so you can send them out yourself. This eliminates any delay in your customer receiving notice of placement.

When should an account be placed?

Our Final Demands are far more effective when the account has aged 60-120 days. You have an 85% chance of recovery if an account is placed for collection when it has aged 2 months versus a 56% chance of recovery if it has aged 6 months. CCR is prepared to build a partnership with your firm by developing a plan to collect your receivables from the day they become delinquent to the day they are paid in full.

What information is required to place an account? At the very least we need contact information for the client and the debtor and the amount to be collected. Specifically, we need the name of the person to contact at your firm, your firm's name, address, phone and fax numbers, and email address. We need the same information for the debtor and the amount due. It is helpful but not necessary to have a statement of account. If we need copies of invoices, proofs of delivery, credit applications, etc. we will ask for them later. If you know the account is disputed, please tell us the nature of the dispute and provide us with as much documentation to support your position as possible.

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