Our unique and personal collection procedures will bring results in approximately 85% of all claims turned over to this office that are between 60 and 120 days all without the necessity of incurring the expense of litigation, thus saving you the potential for additional expense.

Regarding placement of collection accounts, clients can choose these different ways.

Register your Business to submit files for collection by Fax, Mail or Email

Placing an account with Capital Credit Recovery Corp is simple! Contact our office and we will provide you with a placement form. We begin collection proceedings immediately upon receipt of your request by sending a letter advising the debtor that the account has been placed with Capital Credit Recovery Corp..- We convey immediate urgency to the debtor.


In the collection business, as in most others, you generally get what you pay for, and there are virtually as many fee structures as there are agencies.

But we believe that our fee structure is competitive in today's market, and represents a relationship which ensures commitment on both the part of our agency as well as the client. It is largely dependent upon such factors as placement volume, account age and balance size, prior handling, agency exclusivity, etc.

Our commission fees are all-inclusive and contingent upon collections. The only additional expense would be for out-of-pocket court costs where legal services might be utilized.

You can test our services at no cost or risk to you. We require no annual fees. You pay only on the dollars we collect.


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